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^ Nonfiction

# Other: Poetry, Drama, etc.

*Grade levels are based on reviews from sources such as School Library Journal, Booklist, etc. They do not necessarily represent Alan’s views on grade level appropriateness.


Else Above All Else by Jeff Ross (Grades 5-8)

Product DetailsAfter by Amy Efaw (Female Protagonist; Grades 8-11)

booked  # Booked by Kwame Alexander (Grades 6-10)

break   Breakaway by Kat Spears (Grades 9-12)

Breakaway ^ Breakaway: Beyond the Goal by Alex Morgan (Female Protagonist)

Carli  ^ Carli Lloyd: When Nobody Was Watching: My Hard-Fought Journey to the Top of the Soccer World by Carli Lloyd and Wayne Coffey (Female Protagonist)

CompulsionCompulsion by Heidi Ayarbe

Taylor Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally (Female Protagonist; Grades 10-12)

Divided City_ theDivided City by Theresa Breslin (Multicultural)

ExposureExposure by Mal Peet (Multicultural; Grades 9-12)

Eyes on the Goal (4 for 4)Eyes on the Goal by John Coy (Series; Grades 4-6)

^ Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

forward   ^ Forward: My Story by Abby Wambach (Female Protagonist; Grades 3-7)

  Geography Club by Brent Hartinger (LGBTQ; Grades 9-12)

Product Details^ Go for the Goal: A Champion’s Guide to Winning in Soccer and Life by Mia Hamm and Aaron Heifetz (Female Protagonist)

GOAL!: The Dream BeginsGoal! The Dream Begins by Robert Rigby (Multicultural; Grades 8-10)

    Goal II: Living the Dream by Robert Rigby (Multicultural; Grades 8-10)

Going for the RecordGoing for the Record by Julie A. Swanson (Female Protagonist)

Home of the BravesHome of the Braves by David Klass (Grades 9-12)

KeeperKeeper by Mal Peet (Multicultural; Grades 9-12)

KickKick by Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman (Grades 7-12)

Kicker Kicker by Michele Martin Bossele (Female Protagonist; Grades 5-8)

defenders Killing Ground (Defenders) by Tom Palmer and David Shephard

loser  Losers Take All by David Klass (Grades 7-12)

Now Is the Time for RunningNow is the Time for Running by Michael Williams (Multicultural; Grades 8-10)

OffsidesOffsides by Erik Dsckilsen (Multicultural; Grades 7-11)

Openly StraightOpenly Straight by Bill Konigsberg (LGBTQ; Grades 9-12)

Nowhere  Out of Nowhere by Maria Padian (Multicultural; Grades 9-12)

Out of Reach by Jones, V. M. published by Amazon Children's Publishing HardcoverOut of Reach by V. M. Jones (Grades 7-9)

sync Out of Sync by Amanda Humann (Female Protagonist; Grades 9-12)

Outcasts United: An American Town, a Refugee Team, and One Woman's Quest to Make a Difference^ Outcasts United:  An American Town, a Refugee Team, and One Woman’s Quest to Make a Difference by Warren St. John (Multicultural)

Pele ^ Pele: Why Soccer Matters by Pele and Brian Winter

PrettyTOUGHPrettyTOUGH by Liz Tigelaar (Female Protagonist; Grades 7-9)

  Second Impact: Making the Hardest Call of All by David Klass and Perri Klass (Female Protagonist; Grades 8-11)

Shots on GoalShots on Goal by Rich Wallace (Grades 6-9)

ShutoutShutout by Brendan Halpin (Female Protagonist; Grades 7-10)

Shut OutShut Out by Kody Keplinger (Female Protagonist)

^ Small Time: A Life in the Football Wilderness by Justin Bryant

Soccer Chick RulesSoccer Chick Rules by Dawn Fitzgerald (Female Protagonist; Grades 5-8)

 Soccerland Soccerland by Beth Choat (Female Protagonist; Grades 6-9)

Tangerine: Tenth-Anniversary EditionTangerine by Edward Bloor (Bullying; Grades 6-9)

The Beckham Experiment: How the World's Most Famous Athlete Tried to Conquer America^ The Beckham Experiment: How the World’s Most Famous Athlete Conquered America by Grant Wahl

  The Brothers Torres by Coert Voorhees (Multicultural; Grades 6-9)

Soccer  The Eleventh Hour by Alyssa Hollingsworth (Female Protagonist; Multicultural; Grades 3-7)

The PenaltyThe Penalty by Mal Peet (Multicultural)

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Book 1)The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares (Female Protagonist; Grades 7-10)

Pressure Under Pressure by Emma Carlson Berne (Steroids; Female Protagonist; Grades (6-9)

Zilla  Zilla by Leann Sage (Bullying; Female Protagonist; Grades 9-12)

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