Developing Contemporary Literacies through Sports


Developing Contemporary Literacies through Sports: A Guide for the English Classroom

Edited by Alan Brown and Luke Rodesiler

Publisher: NCTE Books

Interview with Editors Alan Brown and Luke Rodesiler: Education Talk Radio

Honoring Students’ Interests in Sports to Support Literacy Learning: NCTE Blog Posts by Luke Rodesiler and Alan Brown

Seminar on Critical Literacy on the Intersections of Sport and Society by Luke Rodesiler and Alan Brown – NCTE Web Seminar

“Not Just for Athletes: Using Sports-based Texts to Develop Classroom Literacies” by Trisha Collopy (NCTE Membership Required) – Council Chronicle

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“Developing Contemporary Liteacies and Fostering Multicultural Education through Sports Literature” by Shelly Shaffer – Multicultural Perspectives